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Marriage Tax Allowance

Are you missing out on £900?

Around 2,000,000 couples aren’t claiming.

The income tax Marriage Allowance was first introduced in April 2015. Around half of the 4,000,000 eligible couples aren’t benefiting and could claim around £900. Are you one of them?

Can I apply for Marriage Allowance?

Yes you can, if …

you’re married or in a civil partnership
you don’t pay income tax, or your income is below your Personal Allowance (usually £11,850)
your partner pays income tax at the basic rate, which usually means their income is between £11,851 and £46,350

If you’re in Scotland, your partner must pay the starter, basic or intermediate rate, which usually means their income is between £11,850 and £43,430.

It won’t affect your application for Marriage Allowance if you or your partner –

currently receive a pension
live abroad – as long as you get a Personal Allowance.

If you or your partner were born before 6 April 1935, you might benefit more as a couple by applying for Married Couple’s Allowance instead.

You can’t receive Marriage Allowance and Married Couple’s Allowance at the same time.

Here’s the good news - you can claim as much as £900

If you didn’t know about the Marriage Allowance or forgot to claim, you can backdate the claim right back to when the scheme was launched – 5 April 2015.

(If your partner has died since 5 April 2015, you can still claim)

Here’s how we calculate the £900 –

In the current tax year, the Marriage Allowance is rounded up to £1,190 – the basic rate tax saving of 20% for the taxpayer would therefore potentially be £238.

In previous tax years, the tax-free Personal Allowance was lower –

Year 1 of the Marriage Allowance (tax year commencing 6th April 2015) – £212
Year 2 (April 2016) – £220
Year 3 (April 2017) – £230
Year 4 (April 2018) – £238

A total potential saving of £900.

As always, there are some rules. For example, you can’t claim the Marriage Allowance for tax years where the taxpayer is either a higher or additional rate taxpayer.

So, once you’ve made your claim, you only have one thing to lose sleep over. How are you going to spend your £900?

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